My name is Gerard Boterman and I run a contract design business trading as GBT Design.

I am a qualified BE Mechanical Engineer with 25+ years of experience in design and manufacturing. I have worked full time for various manufacturing companies in product and tool development and design, where R&D and project management were part of my job.

What I do best

Design is my passion. I offer quality design services, from concept to manufacturing.

I can help develop your invention, design and improve products, including prototyping.

I also have extensive experience in optimizing manufacturing efficiency by introducing or improving equipment or tooling.

My Strengths

A down to earth and practical understanding of the design process, materials and manufacturing technologies available.

I can offer fast response times to solve your problem, capable of thinking outside the square. I can have a fresh look at your problem and can find unique, cost-efficient solutions.

For a CV, please email me at

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